The Dune House by William Morgan: Like a Hobbit’s Home

Initially intended to be a rental property, the amazing Dune house is a special architectural project, that ended up housing its own creator, William Morgan. After finishing it, Morgan decided to keep the home for himself and we’re not at all surprised by that. This eco-friendly residence Atlantic Beach, Florida is actually a luxury home, not just any type of dwelling.

It was built in 1975 and it actually consists of two almost identical 750-Square-foot suites with a bedroom and a bathroom each. The house is currently on the market for $1,400,000, but if you think that’s expensive, remember that the initial price was actually $300,000 higher. With built-in furnishings all over and a lovely grass roof (after all, it is built inside a dune), the Dune House can be your next dream home.

The Dune House by William Morgan (9) 

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