The Double-Edge Razor By Aesop Is Incredibly Efficient

It’s not always easy to find a good razor, especially if you have particularly thick and stubborn facial hair. As electric products have the tendency to disappoint, it still falls to the classic razor to deliver that perfect, smooth shave, but not all razors were created equal. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you should consider Aesop’s Double-Edge Razor, which was handcrafted by English artisans at Aesop’s own stables.

The Double-Edge Razor By Aesop (2)

It features a high-density handle as well as a chrome-plated blade, not to mention the die-cast Zamak head that includes no less than 10 individually wrapped stainless-steel Merkur Solingen razors. The head was put together in Germany, and it ensures incredible precision and comfort. Priced at $105, this isn’t your average disposable razor, and it should probably be used with a high-quality shaving cream too.

The Double-Edge Razor By Aesop (1)


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