The Day After Thanksgiving Pizza at La Bottega

So you hate it too when Thanksgiving ends. Yes, we know, all that food is so delicious, you wish it could last for two whole weeks (sometimes it does, but that’s just not right!). Well, this year the La Bottega Italian restaurant in Manhattan has got something really special for us, Thanksgiving food fans.

The Day After Thanksgiving Pizza is better than any turkey sandwich or turkey casserole you’ve ever tasted. That’s mainly because it is something new. We’re talking about a double crust pizza, filled with roasted turkey, wild mushrooms, sweet potato puree, gravy and cranberry sauce. Only the sound of that makes us drool.

The best part about this pizza is the fact that it will first  be served on the day after Thanksgiving and it will continue to be there until the new year. That’s way more than two weeks of Thanksgiving food, and it will all be fresh and delicious!

If you want to try cooking a Day After Thanksgiving Pizza yourself, jus follow the recipe [Luxist].

The Day After Thanksgiving Pizza at La BottegaThe Day After Thanksgiving Pizza at La Bottega

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