The Cost-Efficient Chevrolet Camaro GT3 by Sareni United

Founded by Hans Reiter, Sareni United is a company that came to life with one purpose: to create a stunning Chevrolet Camaro GT3 race car, and to make it the most cost-effective GT3 on the racing car market. The goal was finally achieved when this outstanding vehicle was finished. The pictures can only tell you about its very appealing looks, so let us fill in the blanks regarding its under-the-hood awesomeness.

Powered by 7.9-liter Katech V8 engine, the Camaro is GT3 is capable of 650 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. The lap times are believed to be as impressive as those of a Lamborghini Gallardo, but we will only know for sure once the project is completely finished. Apparently, overhauls will only be needed once every 5,000 km (approx. 3,106 miles) for the gearbox and engine, and once every 10,000 km (approx. 6,213 miles) for the other parts. The FIA-homologated GT3 is priced at €195,000 (about $253,000).

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