The Chop-E Electric Bike Was Made In Estonia

Inspired in its design by a chopper bike, Chop-E is a fully electric bike that hails from Estonia. The electric two-wheeler can be pre-ordered for $4,499 and will arrive to its future customers sometime in July. If you’re in doubt on whether you should or shouldn’t splurge almost 5k on this thing, we’re here to enlighten you a bit.

First off, Chop-E boasts a programmable 1kW motor that gets its juice from a 20Ah battery pack. This means that it is capable of reaching a top speed of 20 mph as well as a range of 35 miles on a single charge. The bike measures 6,6 feet in length and tips the scales at just 140 lbs. It also flaunts a 20” front wheel wrapped in a relatively thin 3″ tire, while the rear wheel features a 240/40/18 Pirelli tire. Chop-E’s charger is fully compatible with any standard outlet, which means that charging is always a piece of cake.

[Via | Kickstarter]

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