The Cavalon Gyrocopter from AutoGyro

The Cavalon Gyrocopter from AutoGyro (6)

A little more complicated than the small FlyNano single-seat aircraft, the Cavalon gyrocopter is a new toy for flight enthusiasts. Unveiled at the Aero Friedrichshafen air show (held in Germany between April 13-16), the fully enclosed aircraft can transport two passengers for long distances. The large fuel tank volume ensures a long flight, while the interior provides maximum comfort.

The gyrocopter doesn’t need too much space to take off or to land and it offers a stable flight all the way. The Cavalon was created by AutoGyro and it has already been certified in France and Germany. More countries are sure to follow them in the near future. A small and sleek aircraft like this costs €56,000 (or some $95,000).

The Cavalon Gyrocopter from AutoGyro (3)