The Brand New Atom 3.5 by Ariel Motor Company

Ariel Motor Company has recently unveiled their latest and most exciting creation, dubbed the Atom 3.5. This is basically an improved version of the older Atom 3, with a series of modifications and additions that make it a truly exciting new car.

Even though the 4-cylinder 2.0-liter VTEC engine didn’t receive much attention, customers can opt for a supercharged version, which features some intake, mapping and fuel system upgrades, and which ensures an output of 315 hp (as opposed to the stock version, which can only deliver 240 hp).

The other departments enjoyed a lot of improvement. These include a new hood, twin projector headlamps, upgraded suspensions, LED stop, turn and taillights, twin projector headlamps, improved balance and traction, improved stiffness and torsional rigidity, new shock absorbers, and new engine mounts.

For the interior, Ariel introduced a digital LCD dashboard display with gear-shift lights and a nice list of optional features, that are meant to improve a racer’s driving experience. Interested customers will find the new Atom 3.5 in dealers worldwide.

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