The Boutique Hotel Casa do Condo

Casa do Condo, completed by Pedra Liquida studio, is a 19th century bourgeois house turned into a boutique hotel in Porto.

Translated the House of Tales, this hotel was to be finished much earlier, but a fatal fire interrupted the renovation in 2009. Now, the Oporto hotel industry has one more luxurious building to boast about.

This beautiful hotel embodies the history of the city through its 19th century Oporto architecture, as well as the future. It features a vertical and solemn design, with granite stone old facades and new concrete staircases and ceilings.

The six ‘tales’, engraved in the ceilings of this house, were written by different authors: Filipa Leal, Alvaro Domingues, Jorge Figueira, André Tavares, Nuno Grande and Pedro Bandeira. The graphic design and distribution were done by R2 Design and Pedra Líquida studio. For this unique design Casa do Conto was awarded with the 2011 SEGD Design Awards and the Golden Award of the European Design Awards in the category “Signs & Displays”.

The architects combined two concepts, that of art and residence, to create a personalized hotel which surrounds its guests with the history and culture of the Oporto city.

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