The Billionaire Vodka by Leon Verres: $3.7 Million

Leon Verres will soon launch the most expensive vodka in the world, called the Billionaire Vodka. One bottle of this luxurious drink contains five liters of pure vodka, made after a special and very secret Russian recipe. In the complicated distillation process, the liquor flows over millions of dollars worth of real diamonds, which we don’t exactly know if it really changes the taste of the product, but we do know that it adds more glamour to the whole thing.

As if all that was not enough, the vodka is also presented in a truly outstanding bottle, adorned with some 3,000 beautifully glittering diamonds (including the cork). The bottle itself is made of a violet-hue heavy glass and then dressed up with this fancy billionaire-style “coat”. The price of this high-end Leon Verres creation? A whopping $3.7 million. No wonder it’s called The Billionaire Vodka!

The Billionaire Vodka by Leon Verres 1



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