The Biggest Luxury Party Ever: 80,000 VIPs on the Guest List

The Biggest Luxury Party Ever 80,000 VIPs on the Guest List

The Guinness Book holds the most incredible records in the whole world, but somehow people always seem to find new ways to make old records seem like nothing.

This time a group of hedge funds managers in London will show the world what money and determination can do. They are planning the biggest and most expensive party ever to be thrown on Earth. Only the elite people of our world will be invited, of course. As they put it “If you have to ask, you’re not invited”.

More than 80.000 important people from the worlds of business, media, society and arts will be invited at the event that was inspired by Phileas Fogg, the main fictional character in Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. This explains why the party will take place in about 80 different luxury locations simultaneously. Each guest may choose the party that they would like to attend.

Probably the best part about the Global Party is that it is actually a charity event. People like Uma Thurman, Liz Hurley, or Simon Colwell will have the opportunity to not only enjoy a 24 hours long party, but also to contribute to the well being of unprivileged children around the world. About 5 to 10 million pounds are expected to be raised and donated to the charity ARK (absolute return for kids).

The 80 parties will take place in some of the finest locations in the world, like New York, Shanghai, Amsterdam, or Dubai. Each table is will cost £100,000, but that will not be a problem to any of the guests.

To top it all off, every single invitation is accompanied by a Key 2 Luxury silver key ring which guests will use to open the party and many other doors in the future. These small accessories have the power to reach to thousands of personal contacts and they grant exclusive VIP privileges for life. They are, of course, not available for the general public to buy.

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The Biggest Luxury Party Ever 80,000 VIPs on the Guest List