The Beautiful Mosman House in Sydney

Another house that’s at the same time modern, beautiful and environment-friendly is the Mosman House by Corben Architects. It is a three-story residence in Sydney, Australia, with four bedrooms and stunning views.

It was strategically created to offer both privacy and openness. It boasts lovely water views in the open living/dining/kitchen area (situated on the middle level) with its large sliding windows, but at the same it provides plenty of privacy on the third floor, where the bedrooms are situated. The lower floor features storage areas and a large media room.

The architecture of this house is relatively simple, dominated by clear, rectilinear shapes, and a large variety of materials. Concrete, masonry, timber, sandstone – all these are part of the modern construction. Inside, American oak timber floors, Grey Limestone floors, walnut veneer, quartz kitchen countertops, white polyurethane cupboards, and marble elements create an understated luxury home.

We mentioned before that this is a nature-friendly home and here is why: energy saving systems include the operable skylight over the central area (which provides both natural light and ventilation), timber slated screens for sun control, a rainwater collecting system and more.


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