The Awesome Steampunk Plasma Speaker

The Awesome Steampunk Plasma Speaker (1)

Is steampunk your favorite style? Then we are happy to present to you the Steampunk Plasma Speaker by Conscious Flesh, an ingenious Polish artist. Unlike traditional speakers, which use a mechanical diaphragm that moves the air and produces sound, plasma speakers use a high-frequency  electric discharge to heat the air and cause it to expand, creating sound waves.

A bottom-fed Tesla Coil produces the high voltage that powers the discharge. When one end of the coil is connected to the high frequency generator, the power is fed to the resonant circuit. The electromagnetic field created around the resonance coil is so strong that it can actually light a neon tube, as you can see in the pictures below. Coupled with a steampunk MP3 player, the plasma speaker will make a stunning centerpiece for any audiophile’s room.