The Awesome Sprinter Caravan from Mercedes-Benz

There’s the classic tent and sleeping bag type of camping, and then there is the Mercedes-Benz way. The latter is of course much better in terms of comfort, safety and amenities, as the new Sprinter Caravan proudly proves.

Unveiled last month in Dusseldorf, Germany, the luxury camping van boasts a smart design and excellent use of space that integrates the essential functions of a kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom in one awesome package.  Versatility is the key word in this cool project, with all areas having multiple functionalities.

Swiveling the front seats creates a lovely living area together with the side-facing bench and the wall-mounted LCD screen. At night, the bench can be turned into a comfortable double bed, ensuring an excellent sleep away from bugs and other unwelcomed guests from nature. Then there is the small but very practical galley and the bathroom/storage area.

Mercedes used only high-quality materials for the Sprinter Caravan, such as high-gloss white HPL for the furniture, genuine leather, and grey laminate flooring. Low fuel consumption (6.3 liters per 100 kilometers or 45 mpg) and advanced safety technologies are also part of the deal. You can still see the van on display in Dusseldorf until September 8.