The Awesome Autographer – World’s First Intelligent Camera

Still regretting those perfect moments that you couldn’t capture on camera simply because you didn’t have one on you? We’ve all been there and we all know what it’s like to let some really great memories pass you by with no camera action whatsoever. Or sometimes the frustration can come from the fact that without a photo, you simply can’t prove that what you saw/did/experience really did happen.

The Autographer is a tiny new gadget that is going to change all that. No more excuses for not immortalizing the perfect moment! This is the world’s first intelligent wearable camera, designed to be easily worn around your neck or clipped onto your shirt. All you have to do is set its shooting frequency and from then on it will take full control of what and when is worth photographing.

The 37.4mm by 90mm device has five different sensors inside it, and they work together to determine what is worth taking a photo of as you walk outside and mind your own business. The Autographer has a built-in accelerometer (keeps track of how fast it is moving), a magnetometer (figures out the camera’s direction), a color sensor (perceives brightness and light), a thermometer (measures environment temperature), a PIR (for any changing conditions) and a GPS (well, you know what that is for).

Just turn it on, clip it on, and run out! The special application that comes with it will help you see and manage all your shots on a smartphone or tablet. The 58 gram device’s lens ensures a 136° field of view and promises clear images. The only downside is that it cannot take pictures on command. However, with approximately 2,000 photos taken in one day, there’s little chance that something important will go unnoticed by the Autographer.