The Awesome 2012 Audi TT RS

Obviously the best TT ever, this small coupe is so good, that it is actually capable of competing with an R8 and even outpace it on most tracks. How is that so? Well, the stunning 2+2 weighs only 3,300 pounds and has a turbocharged 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine capable of 360 hp at 5,500-6,700 rpm and 343 lb-ft of torque at 1,650-5,400 rpm. This translates to a top speed of 174 mph and a 0-60 time of just 4.1 seconds. It also means that the engine boast awesome diesel-like capabilities, generating thrust regardless of what the tachometer shows. The power is sent to all four wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission – and there is no automatic option for this baby.

Matching all these impressive features are the magnetic ride suspension, which adapts to the driver’s inputs, the extremely efficient brake hardware, the dual-mode exhaust, and the intelligently designed aerodynamics. There is an S button on the center console that is meant to instantly provide a sportier driving experience: it opens up the left exhaust outlet (only the right one is opened permanently), and adjusts the fuel mapping. The braking system boasts 14.6-inch front rotors with 4-piston calipers, and 12.2 inch discs for the rear wheels.

As far as the exterior of the 2012 TT RS is concerned, Audi really made this car flawless. The low-stance ride boasts a high-gloss, diamond-pattern front grille and a lower front fascia with large air inlets (the right one cools the air that goes to the gearbox, the left one feeds the auxiliary radiator). The car comes with a fixed rear spoiler, but customers can also opt for a retractable one, without any extra costs. The 19-inch 5-spoke wheels are available in three different finishes, and there are some aluminum touches that give more charm to the ride’s exterior. Carbon-fiber side-view mirrors are also available for some extra cash.

The only thing about this car that doesn’t really meet our expectations is the not-so-impressive interior. Audi gave the TT RS a model-specific small-diameter steering wheel, wrapped in perforated leather, extremely comfortable Silk Nappa leather seats, a cool LED lighting ambient, and nicely contrasting stitching. Aside from some small details, the inside is actually very similar to the standard TT. There is however something that we really like about it: the fact that it can be ordered with a high-quality color LCD screen for the optional navigation system.

Overall, the 2012 Audi TT RS is an awesome car. It provides flawless, unforgettable driving experiences (even on bad weather) and it is definitely a head turner. Audi also promised to bring more RS goodies to the States (like the RS 5), so the outstanding TT RS is only the beginning!

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