The Aventador LP760-2 from Oakley Design

Oakley Design didn’t even give us enough time to get used to the new Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador before coming up with a few tweaks and upgrades for the car. Calling it the Aventador LP760-2, this baby boasts an ECU remap, new air intake piping, titanium exhaust system and improved airbox. All these changes led to a significant power boost: the supercar now offers 760 hp and 745 Nm of torque.

As the new name suggests, this Aventador is no longer a four-wheel-drive ride. Oakley decided to send the extra power only to the rear wheels. Speaking of wheels, they are four kilos (8.82 lbs) lighter each, but they all keep their original Pirelli wraps. In terms of aerodynamics, changes include new front and rear fascias, new side air intakes and modified side skirts. Of course, all these are made of carbon fiber.

The limited edition includes only five cars, and the first three have already been sold. But if you can’t get your hands on one of these five examples, you can always choose to order the parts separately from Oakley Design.

The Aventador LP760-2 from Oakley Design (2)

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