The Amazing Helios Watch by Frederic Jouvenot

Helios is a new and highly innovative timepiece from Frederic Jouvenot. There is nothing conventional about this watch, except maybe the fact that it has a round case. There are no traditional hour markers on the dial, instead each hour is marked by a stylized sunbeam. Each ray becomes luminous in turn, showing the progress of time. At midday all twelve rays shine like the sun at its highest point in the sky.

The minutes are indicated by an index on a disk at the center of the display. The index has got a fixed position, while the disc turns slowly to show the minutes. It makes a complete revolution in one hour, of course.

The Helios watch features a mechanical movement, a reserve power spring with 45 hours capacity, a black titanium casing (or white or pink gold), an alligator leather strap and a two year warranty.

Helios Watch by Frederic Jouvenot 4 Helios Watch by Frederic Jouvenot 3 Helios Watch by Frederic Jouvenot 2 Helios Watch by Frederic Jouvenot 1

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