The Amazing All-Electric Superbus

The Amazing All-Electric Superbus (6)

Wubbo Ockels is a Dutch physicist and a former ESA Astronaut who imagined the very futuristic Superbus. Capable of transporting up to 23 passengers, the Superbus is an all-electric vehicle. It is powered by a 300kw engine and it is entirely made of fiberglass and carbon fiber.

When the concept first emerged a few years ago, nobody expected the vehicle to actually be finished so soon. Ockels initially intended it to be used in the Netherlands, but then decided that Dubai would be a better place for launching the bus. Starting next week, luxury tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy Superbus rides from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. The eco-friendly vehicle can reach speeds of up to 155 km/h (96 mph). Make sure you don’t miss the video below.