The All-Electric Four-Seater Panthera Airplane

The electric version of the Panthera four-seater airplane the latest Pipistel latest creation. It was recently unveiled in Germany, at the Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen, boasting a Kevlar and carbon fiber construction, gull-wing doors, and a sleek, aerodynamic design.

Panthera will be available in three versions: with a standard gas engine, with a hybrid powerplant, and with an all-electric powerplant. The latter is obviously the most nature friendly (no air pollution and low noise pollution), but the gas version is also quite eco-conscious. It will have a 10 gallons per hour consumption and a 230 mph speed.

The zero-emissions version will allow for smooth flights of up to 400 km (approx. 248.5 mi) at a cruising speed of 218 km/h (135 mph), while the hybrid version will boast a cruising speed of 263 km/h (163 mph) and a more impressive range of 1,220 km (approx. 1,963 mi).

Due to the fact that the electric model will have to stop quite often for a recharge, the designers of the new Panther also decided to offer it plenty of luggage space (you and the other three passengers will probably have to spend some nights in hotels on your way to your destination).

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