The $1.5 Million Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

The striking 69.35ct Royal Blue Sapphire Ring is the largest sapphire ring ever created in the lovely Princess Diana style. The gorgeous blue gem is surrounded by 16 internally flawless diamonds and the ring wears an impressive price tag: $1.5 million. This makes it the most expensive new sapphire ring available today.

Created by the Natural Sapphire Company, it is certified by the Gemological Institute of America and three other international gem laboratories. The company’s CEO, Michael Arnstein, said that this is the finest ring they’ve ever created in all their 72 years of existence. The sapphire itself comes from the renowned gem mines in Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

For those of you who want a lovely sapphire ring but can’t really afford to buy this marvelous example, you can choose any other model from Natural Sapphire, at much smaller prices (between $1,000 and $100,000).

69ct Royal Blue Sapphire Ring (1) 69ct Royal Blue Sapphire Ring (2) 69ct Royal Blue Sapphire Ring (3)


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