The ‘Ome That Can Change “The World”

Floating homes and man-made islands are no longer a novelty, but this particular project is different from all other similar ones. Called The ‘Ome, the floating villa is an innovative concept designed by Donald Starkey, and meant to change “The World” – the man-made archipelago in Dubai.

Once the luxury archipelago will be finished, the island owners will face the challenge of building their homes on the islands. In response to this problem, Starkey created the ‘Ome – a 32-meter in diameter island – that can be attached to the actual island. These floating homes can be built on the mainland in a regular shipbuilding facility, thus eliminating the problem of building on the island. Every World island can have several ‘Ome villas, depending on every owner’s needs and preferences.

The two-deck ‘Ome boasts generous luxury accommodations and amenities, including a swimming pool, an open air lounge, a bar & dining area, and more. The lower deck houses the living spaces, while the upper deck holds the five bedrooms and the relaxation area. As this is a new concept, numerous design and functionality changes may still occur until the actual construction of the floating villas will begin. Furthermore, each home-island will be highly customizable for every client.

Probably the best thing about the ‘Omes is that they will feature renewable energy sources that will generate enough power to meet the needs of approximately six large households. Water and waste management are also ensured by the floating villa. We wonder who will place the first order.

The Ome That Can Change The World (1)


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