Thanksgiving Parade 2010

It might be a little late to make plans for attending the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York this year, but it might as well not be too late just yet. So, if you desperately want to be there when it happens, you’ll need some tips.

Rule number one is arrive early and stay put! You should know that some people get up before sunrise in order to secure themselves the perfect viewing spot. You shouldn’t be surprised if you get there at 6 AM and you see a lot of other parade enthusiasts holding their position regardless the early hour.

Rule number two is never abandon your position! Any natural physiological needs will be completely ignored. If you decide to leave the spot for food, drinks or even to use the bathroom, you can be sure that your spot will be lost for good. Besides, there are almost zero chances of actually finding a bathroom anyway.

Rule number three is be safe! Crowds are the perfect excuse for robbing or getting aggressive. So just leave your valuables at home or at the hotel and do the same with your bad temper. If someone becomes unruly, never take the matter in your own hands, always announce a police officer. Or simply leave. Oh, and you should know that public drinking (on the street or on the sidewalk) is illegal in New York.

The last important rule is dress warm! The parade only starts at 9 AM on Thursday, November 25, so all that waiting is bound to make you shiver. Scarves, gloves, hats and multiple layers are all musts for this event. And a blanket won’t be a bad idea either – trust us.

Thanksgiving Parade 2010

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