Sustainable Fashion in 2020

With the world spinning on what seems to be a different axis, many industries are adapting to the virus outbreak. It may seem like a movie, but this is the new reality we all face. Fashionistas such as Helen Lee Schifter, use their expertise to develop high-end looks that still represent her personality and are sustainable. With fossil fuels still being a current issue, it’s not easy to find high-end looks that don’t hurt the earth. 

Although many socialites can afford luxury clothing, it’s important for them to repurpose their old clothes. Instead of selling an item, it is now fashionable to redesign it, dye it a different color, or give it to someone less fortunate. Being able to adapt to the current climate by being resourceful is necessary. Many companies such as The Real Real are taking the fashion industry by storm. They resell used luxury products for much thinner prices and are diversifying their team as they grow. Now, men and women can purchase slightly used products instead of buying new, which can be harmful to the environment. Many don’t realize how immense the effect fashion has on the world. According to ThreUp, fashion is second behind oil as one of the most polluting industries. So many articles of clothing go to waste every year. Companies like The Real Real and ThreUp want to suppress carbon emissions a significant amount by 2050. Helen Lee Schifter also is doing her part to help make the planet healthy. The stereotype around secondhand shopping should be eliminated. It’s only good for the environment and supports local businesses like thrift shops. It’s very easy to donate clothes or pass them down to friends and family. That way, the gallons of water it takes to make a simple T-shirt won’t be wasted, and also mainstream fashion companies won’t be able to use child labor to fulfill their revenue. It takes very little to be sustainable, it’s just a matter of who is selfless enough to do it.

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