Survival Bike Black Ops Edition By Motoped

Maybe the zombie apocalypse will never happen. Maybe humans are destined to thrive and enjoy life on this planet for tens of thousands of years to come. But maybe, just maybe, the zombies are almost at our doorstep. And then what? Well, if you want to be prepared, you can build your own fort, stockpile food, weapons and ammo, but you also need a reliable and sturdy vehicle that can get you from A to B through a flock of undead walkers.

Sure, you could go for a car but it’s high maintenance. A motorcycle could probably come in handy but it would be too heavy and too difficult to transport once it broke down. A horse? Now that’s just crazy talk. What you need is the Survival Bike Black Ops Edition by Motoped. This thing is actually a bicycle at heart but it received a special conversion kit that involves the addition of a Honda motor. So what you have here is a motor-powered bicycle that comes equipped with plenty of accessories that are meant to enhance your chances of survival dramatically. These include shovels, axes, saws, an extra gas tank, a crossbow, a harpoon and even a .50 caliber machine gun if you’re feeling feisty. There are numerous other accessories to choose from depending on how you want to play your cards at the end of the world.

Hopefully you’ll never need it, but it can’t hurt to have it.





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