Surf Air’s Attractive Premium Membership Service

Flying is a very fast and convenient way of traveling across short distances, but with so many people crowding the airports on a daily basis, flying from A to B within a single state can become quite tiresome. Nobody likes crowds and nobody likes to book flights and pay expensive transportation fees, which is why numerous individuals choose to fly nowadays only when they have no other choice.

Fortunately, a company called Surf Air is offering an easier and probably cheaper way of enjoying short-distance flights thanks to their innovative premium membership service. Basically, the service allows you to fly across the state of California as often as you wish for a monthly fee of just $1350.

The company owns and maintains a total of 6 Pilatus PC-12 aircrafts made in Switzerland that perform 18 flights a day. Reservations can be done online with great ease or directly from the user’s smartphone. The advantages, aside from the convenience, include luxurious on-board amenities and comforts, not to mention the fact that clients need to reach the airport just 15 minutes before the aircraft departs. Even though it now covers California exclusively, Truckee and Las Vegas will also be in reach of Surf Air’s members by May.




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