Supercar-Inspired MB&F HMX Timepiece

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Swiss watchmaker named MB&F, the MB&F HMX is a supercar-inspired masterpiece that’s bound to receive some serious attention from car lovers, luxury enthusiasts and timepiece connoisseurs. Also known as the Horological Machine 10, the HMX is inspired in its design by quite a few supercars, which is fitting since Max Busser, the brand’s founder, wanted to be a car designer at one point in his life.

Supercar-Inspired MB&F HMX Timepiece (3)

As far as materials are concerned, the piece is manufactured using grade 5 titanium and stainless steel, and it comprises a whopping number of 223 individual parts. Its automatic winding movement offers a power reserve of 42 hours, which is quite respectable. Still, the most noteworthy aspect of this unique watch is the way that it tells the time. It does this with the help of two windows located on the side of the case, each showing jumping hours and minutes. Two circular disks rotate flat on top of the movement, while mirror image numerals make their way around the disks. The numbers are magnified and reflected by a pair of triangular sapphire crystal prisms.

The movement looks and functions similarly to an engine, as its oil caps can be removed by an expert watchmaker in order to oil up the inner mechanisms. Available in four limited editions named Bugatti Blue, British Racing Green, Ferrari Red and Lotus Black, the MB&F HMX will cost about $30,000, which is quite affordable for an MB&F watch. Each edition will comprise 20 units thus guaranteeing the exclusivity of the timepiece.

Supercar-Inspired MB&F HMX Timepiece (2)

Supercar-Inspired MB&F HMX Timepiece (1)

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