Superb Professional 3 VG Collection By Mobiado

Mobiado is not a company that’s usually associated with modern phone designs, and even now, as touchscreen-based smartphones become the default choice for most buyers, the Vancouver-based company is staying true to its iconic bar-shaped design. The Professional 3 VG “precision mobile instrument” is a brand new Mobiado phone that impresses with utmost reliability complemented by a touch of luxury.

Superb Professional 3 VG Collection By Mobiado (8)


Superb Professional 3 VG Collection By Mobiado (7)


Available in two colors named Marrone and Graphite, this gadget boasts a solid aluminum frame that received an anodized coating. It also comes with gold-plated brackets at its corners, a sapphire crystal plate and sapphire buttons, while its back cover features an engraving of Mobiado’s signature.

A built-in locking carabineer allows the phone to be attached onto backpacks or other bags, and this makes it particularly appealing to travelers. The device is fully compatible with any GSM network operator and flaunts dual SIM quad-band GSM capabilities as well as 3G coverage. It features a camera, a web browser, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, expandable microSD memory, a music player, email support and a 2.4-inch QVGA display.

Upon purchase, the buyer receives the Mobiado Professional 3 VG in a special leather case that’s made entirely by hand using calf leather and Alcantara.

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