Superb Headphones By B&O Play And Pepsi

Based on the already acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Form 2i and BeoPlay H6 headphones, these exceptional gadgets were created in collaboration with Pepsi in order to mark the upcoming 2014 World Cup. As an intricate part of the Pepsi “Live For Now” capsule line, these gorgeous headphones feature colorful, vibrant and intricate designs that have the potential to impress instantly and deeply.

Aside from B&O, Pepsi managed to rope in numerous other partners for its capsule collection, partners such as Del Toro, Goodlife, Shut Skateboards, Original Pengiun and Gents. The intricate designs and artwork that we mentioned before were created by Hattie Stewart, Zosen, Merijn Hos and Ricardo AKN, and they will definitely be highly appreciated by football fans and audiophiles from all over the world.

The B&O Play x Pepsi “Live for Now” headphones will be available for purchase at numerous retailers such as Selfridges and Amazon starting May 26. The price for the BeoPlay H6 headphones is $399, but the Form 2i headphone features a more affordable tag of $149.







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