Superb Copper Coffee Set By Tom Dixon

Boasting an elegant design as well as high quality materials, this outstanding coffee set was created by a British designer named Tom Dixon, and it was dubbed Brew. The set includes a stovetop, an espresso maker, a milk pan, espresso cups, a scoop, a cafetiere, a serving tray and a biscuit tin, all of which are coated in copper.

Superb Copper Coffee Set By Tom Dixon (1)

Superb Copper Coffee Set By Tom Dixon (2)

Even though the pieces are numerous, they all fit perfectly on the circular tray, especially if the espresso cups are stacked one onto each other. When talking about this outstanding creation, Dixon stated the following:

“Brew is a celebration of the coming together of heat, steam, water and coffee grounds – a tribute to the mysteries of the modern-day coffee ceremony. The range includes a piece to perfect every stage of the coffee ritual, from the push of the plunger to the dunk of the biscuit.”

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