Superb 24-Karat Gold Plated Xbox One At Harrods

If you’re a gamer but you also love luxury, then we know exactly what you should get this Christmas.  A trip to the Harrods department store in London will give you the opportunity to see and buy one of the most exquisite gaming consoles on the market right now – a 24-karat gold plated Xbox One.

As you’d expect, this thing doesn’t come cheap, since it would set you back about $9750, but even though the console itself will be replaced by a newer model in about 5 years or so, you can be sure that gold will never lose its value.  Harrods is famous for its collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious brands such as Tiffany, Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin, but this year it’s the technology section of the store that features the centerpiece. Would you buy the gold-plated Xbox One if you could?