Sublime Triumph Thruxton Receives a Steampunk Makeover

The exquisite motorcycle you can see in the pictures represents the work of the expert tuners at Benjie’s Cafe Racers, and it is based on the famous Triumph Thruxton model. The bike was modified extensively from a visual point of view following a Steampunk theme, which means that it boasts a distinct modern look with a vintage twist.

The main modifications include a brand new yellow off-set headlight, a new air vent, a tapered seat and a stunning Harley-Davidson gauge that was placed inside an aluminum dashboard featuring standard Triumph lights. The front fender was made using fiberglass and boasts its own unique paintjob, while the rear end impresses with a series of custom stainless steel clip-ons and re-routed exhausts.

The Triumph Thruxton was already a fantastic machine to begin with, but this particular version is even closer to perfection.