Sublime MusicMachine 3 By MB&F

MB&F is renowned worldwide for creating some of the most intricate timepieces and music boxes, and we’re not exaggerating one bit when we say that its creations are purely irreproachable in terms of appearance and quality. The MusicMachine 3 is no exception. It features an easily recognizable Star Wars Tie Fighter design, and it is the official successor of the MusicMachine 2 that resembled a classic Star Trek space ship.

Sublime MusicMachine 3 By MB&F (3)

Sublime MusicMachine 3 By MB&F (2)


The device flaunts a central module with dual music cylinders that can replicate six world-famous tunes. The left cylinder can sing The Persuaders, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and The Godfather theme, while the right one reproduces the Star Wars theme, James Bond and Mission Impossible. The central module is flanked by lattice-like wings that were designed to propagate sound vibrations from the combs to a naturally amplifying resonant base.

Limited to just 99 pieces, this stunning music box measures 400 mm x 340 mm x 280 mm, and it weighs about 13 pounds. It will become available in white, black and chrome, and it will cost about $18,500.

Sublime MusicMachine 3 By MB&F (1)


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