Sublime Harley Sportster Stealth Bullet by Rough Crafts

The tuning specialists at Rough Crafts really did a magnificent job with their “Stealth Bullet” Harley-Davidson Sportster – a gorgeous and powerful motorcycle that won the prestigious AMD World Championships.

The Rough Crafts team is led by a man named Winston Yeh, whose expertise and vision materialized into this exceptional, great looking machine. Unlike a stock Harley-Davidson Sportster, the Stealth Bullet features a series of upgrades that dramatically improved its looks. These include a custom headlight, rocker and cam covers, a new seat, a stunning 18-inch wheel at the back as well as a 21-inch Performance Machine wheel at the front.

Even though it was called the “Stealth Bullet” for its black, sleek appearance, this outstanding motorcycle would definitely stand out in a crowd.