Stylish Light Switches and Dimmers By Buster & Punch

Just in case you were walking around your house one day and you decided that your light switches needed an upgrade, a company named Buster & Punch is now offering an outstanding selection of stylish light switches and dimmers that can add a touch of quality and refinement to any room. These products are created using high quality solid Marine Grade Steel and flaunt diamond-cut knurling finishes on their controls that allow you to enjoy a great weighty sensation every time you use them.

As a matter of fact, these switches can provide such a satisfying feeling that you might want to flip them on and off for a while just for fun. Boasting the brand’s B&P solid penny buttons, these dimmers and switchers come in bronze, steel, brass, white and black, which means that they can blend with any existing room setup effortlessly. If you want to go all out, you can also have a look at Buster & Punch’s plug sockets, which come in similar finishes.





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