Stylish iPad 2 Leather Cases

Luxury lovers know that presentation is essential. Today we suggest five different ways of flaunting your new iPad 2 with style. Since leather is a beloved material among the rich, all these cases below are made of leather and designed to emphasize your good taste.

1. Saddleback Leather iPad 2 Case

Saddleback Leather iPad 2 Case For optimum protection, this case is made of a thick full grain booth leather with cushioning. So in case something happens and you drop your smart device to the ground, you can rest assured nothing will happen to it. It is available in Chestnut, Tobacco Brown, Dark Coffee Brown and Carbon Black and it’s priced at $104.

2. KillSpencer iPad 2 Case

KillSpencer ipad 2 case The stylish KillSpencer case features RIRI Aquazip Waterproof Zippers for enhanced protection no matter the weather. It also has a detachable leather shoulder strap and additional pockets for your iPhone and some credit cards. The case is available in leather and another, more durable material, called original wax. Prices range from $150 to $189.

3. Sena’s Leather iPad 2 Case

Sena’s Leather ipad 2 Case Available in two models and several different colors (including orange, red, brown, black), the new lineup of Sena cases offer the best in terms of protection and style. Each of the two existing models is priced at $80. The Folio case can be used as a stand and it offers the possibility to view the iPad at 3 different angles. The other model is called Florence, a folio style case which also permits different viewing angles.

4. Autum’s Turncoat iPad 2 Case

Autum’s Turncoat ipad 2 case For $114 you can get this beautiful matte leather finish iPad case from Autum. The model will only be available for a limited period of time, which adds a plus of exclusivity to the product. With its delicate suede interior, the case promises to keep your new iPad free of scratches. The stylish design of the Turncoat fits perfectly around the device.

5.  iLuv Professional iPad 2 Case

iLuv Professional ipad 2 Case This one is definitely a must-have. Aside from its leather protection function, the iLuv Professional case also flaunts a detachable keyboard, a USB port for quick charging and a long battery life. Velcro secured, your iPad will be safe and sound in this unique case which, by the way, also comes with a folding kickstand, perfect for typing.

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