Stunning No. 1905 Watches by W.T. Author

W.T. Author recently unveiled its sublime limited edition No. 1905 watch model, which impresses with stunning design elements, incredible build quality and outstanding accuracy. The timepiece comes in four different versions, each boasting a differently colored dial: white, cream, black and blue. Only 125 pieces of each color will ever see the light of day, which makes the No. 1905 a highly exclusive and sought-after timepiece.

In terms of design, this looker comes with a beautiful tapered crown, wire lugs, a ribbed case and a gorgeous riveted leather strap that adds a plus of elegance. Moreover, the 46mm stainless steel case features incredible hand-made finishes and encompasses a Swiss made 513S Calibre movement that provides much-needed power. The dial of the No.1905 boasts numerals that could be seen on numerous 1900 pocket watches. These are complemented by W.T. Author’s signature hour markers, while the custom-made hands complete the sophisticated look of this spectacular product.

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