Stunning MPX-3 Electric Surfboard by Waterwolf

Did you ever want to practice surfing but you couldn’t because you weren’t anywhere near the waves? Well this minor impediment can easily become a thing of the past thanks to an incredible invention by Waterwolf: the MPX-3 Electric Surfboard.

As its name suggests, the MPX-3 is powered by electricity, which means that it does not need the kinetic force of the waves to carry you across the seas. Naturally, this thing is intended to be used on calm waters such as lakes or large ponds, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t deliver outstanding fun nonetheless.

Powered by a water-cooled 5 kW motor, the MPX-3 Electric Surfboard ensures a range of 5 miles or about 25 minutes of fun. The board is controlled via Bluetooth and features a special magnetic emergency kill switch for safety purposes. You can pre-order this incredible surfboard by Waterwolf right now, or you can wait for it to be launched officially on April 12 this year.