Stunning E-Wazuma Quad By Lazareth

E-Wazuma is an electric powered prototype that was created by a company named Lazareth. What makes this quad stand out apart from its awesome looks is that it is based on an impressive electric powertrain, which feeds all of its power to the rear wheels. This electric drivetrain is based on a pair of 30 kW motors that offer no lag whatsoever, and this definitely makes this vehicle a lot more interesting.

E-Wazuma Quad By Lazareth (1) E-Wazuma Quad By Lazareth (2)

This means that you can hop on the E-Wazuma, start it up and enjoy its 40 horsepower and 361 lb-ft of torque right off the bat. Interestingly enough, the torque output is not conditioned by a particular RPM, which means that the torque levels are provided right off the idle. It’s true that E-Wazuma is only a prototype right now, but it might actually make it into production one day.

E-Wazuma Quad By Lazareth (3) E-Wazuma Quad By Lazareth (4)

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