Stunning Castle Near Barcelona, Spain Up For Sale

Apart from magnificent cities and unique traditions, Spain also boasts some of the most spectacular rural landscapes in Europe, many of which are teeming with historically significant buildings and monuments. One such a remote place is Canet de Mar , which can be found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, just 31 miles away from the beautiful city of Barcelona.

This place is well known for its wide array of exquisite Modernist buildings and fine sandy beaches, the most important being Playa del Llevant, Canet and Playa del Passeig. However, one particular attraction stands out at Canet de Mar, since it comes in the form of a breathtakingly beautiful castle that is so old that it retains links with the old Roman Empire.

The Barcelona Castle was rebuilt and renovated extensively over the centuries, its final form involving a castellated design with romantic influences that were in high demand in Europe during the 19th century. But even though the castle looks like an ordinary one from the outside, its interior arrangements tell a completely different story. Mind you, the main living areas still retain a big part of their classic and sophisticated feeling, but just like any other lavish residence of the 21st century, the Barcelona Castle boasts high-end amenities and state-of-the-art facilities throughout.

To give you a better idea regarding the utter lavishness of this exquisite abode, we’ll tell you that even the caretaker’s home flaunts two bathrooms and four bedrooms. Moreover, the castle is surrounded by gorgeously manicured gardens, while a nearby swimming pool promises endless opportunities for relaxation and fun.

Of course, the price for such an exquisite residence could not be lower than $24 million. Have a look at the following images and see it all for yourself!