Stunning Aventicum Watch By Cristophe Claret

Innovative, luxurious and expensive, Aventicum is an exceptional timepiece that was created by the Swiss watchmaker Cristophe Claret. Named after the capital of the Roman province Helvetia, the watch impresses with an eye-catching hologram that depicts none other than emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Stunning Aventicum Watch By Cristophe Claret (8)

Stunning Aventicum Watch By Cristophe Claret (9)

The image actually showcases a small golden bust that was discovered in Switzerland in 1939. The hologram is achieved with the help of a mirascope, which creates the illusion of the bust as it floats above a small hole at the core of the dial. Since the image occupies the place of the hub, the watchmakers implemented two rings at the outer edges of the dial instead of regular hands. Further enhancing its Latin heritage, the timepiece boasts a special inscription on its case back that states: “Perfice Omnia facta vitae quasi haec postrema essent.” This translates to Marcus Aurelius’ famous quote: “Perform every act in life as though it were your last.”

The case comes in red gold or white gold with PVD-treated, grade 5 titanium. It flaunts a water resistance of 98 feet and comprises an AVE15 automatic movement with 186 components, out of which 28 are beautiful jewels. The red gold variant is limited to 68 pieces and costs $52,800, while the white gold version costs $57,100 and is limited to 38 units.

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