Street-Legal Tron Bike from Parker Brothers Choppers

Finally, a fully functional, street legal Tron: Legacy motorcycle was made! The electric bike was created by Parker Brothers Choppers and it is powered by a 96-volt electric motor, using lithium-ion batteries. And now here is the really exiting part of the news: Parker Brothers are ready to give one of their awesome bikes off to a fan.

Did we raise your interest? If we did, here is what you have to do to bring the bike to your garage. Make a short video (3 minutes) in which to show why you think you deserve the intimidating Tron bike and sent it to the bike’s makers. Make sure you do nothing illegal or dangerous in the video and convince the judges to pick you from all the sci-fi fans that will be fighting for the prize. Learn more about the contest on the Parker Brothers’ official website, and don’t forget to check out the video below for a preview of your bike!

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