Stealth Military Rolexes from Project X Designs

London-based Rolex customizer Project X Designs, have unveiled a new series of Stealth luxury timepieces. Each one of the three models has its own story and is inspired by an important historic figure.

For one of them, the designers drew their inspiration from UK’s Special Boat Service (SBS). You will recognize the watch by the SBS insignia on the back of the case.

Sean Connery was another source of inspiration for Project X Designs, so two Rolex Submariner-based models have also emerged, with green G10 Nato straps.

The third version is based on the Rolex Explorer and it draws its design cues from the Sumbariners of the 1950s to the 1970s.

Admire the Stealth Military Rolexes in the following pictures.

Stealth Military Rolexes from Project X Designs (1)

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