The Starfleet Machine Is a Sci-Fi-Inspired Tabletop Timepiece

If you’re a sci-fi enthusiast and you want to show it, there’s no better way than by placing a large spaceship-inspired tabletop timepiece on your coffee table. Dubbed Starfleet Machine, this special piece was manufactured by a Swiss company called L’Epée 1839, and it was sketched out by an award-winning lab called MB&F.

The Starfleet Machine flaunts a black dome at its core as well as hand-polished hands that tell the time continuously. The 40-day power reserve of the timepiece is showcased by a smaller rotating dome that features its own rotating radar dish. The highlight of the product takes form every 20 seconds when a series of laser cannons mounted on turrets cross on top of each other before returning to their initial positions.

Limited to just 175 pieces, the Starfleet Machine comes in a light, silvery version and a  black ruthenium-treated version.




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