Spectacular Religious Building Sculptures Made of Bullets

The bullet case chess set from Ole World Collectibles and Creations was impressive indeed, but these bullets-and-guns creations of San Francisco-based sculptor Al Farrow are simply spectacular! Made of bullets, steel, gun parts, bone and glass, the sculptures are meant to send out a message of piece.

These architectural replicas of churches, synagogues and mosques are most impressive because of the unusual juxtaposition of content: religious buildings and weaponry. Currently exhibited at the Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, some of the sculptures also feature pieces of antique objects like an old Torah cover, or some 16th century Italian velvet.

Probably the most remarkable piece of all is the Bombed Mosque, made of 50,000 bullets and weighing 780 pounds. It was finished in 2010 and it costs $250,000.

Here is the list of prices for all the sculptures:

1. Bombed Mosque (2010) – $250,000

2. Revelation II, 2010 – $100,000

3. Synagogue III, 2010 – $85,000

4. Mosque III (after National Mosque of Nigeria), 2010 – $75,000

5. Skull of Santo Guerro (II), 2011 – $45,000

6. Casket Reliquary III (Foot of Santo Guerro), 2011 – $25,000

7. Menorah (Fence I), 2011 – $12,000

8. Casket Reliquary II (2011) – $10,000

Spectacular Religious Building Sculptures Made of Bullets (6) 


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