Spectacular Chicane Phantom Coupe by Rolls Royce

This one off masterpiece by Rolls Royce is called the Chicane Phantom Coupe, and it was created by the firm’s “Bespoke” department for Mohammed EL-Arishy, who happens to be the company’s brand manager in Dubai. Since El-Arishy was so deeply impressed with the heritage of the famed Goodwood racing circuit, the car in question features a wide array of Goodwood-inspired design elements that are meant to give it a more racing feel.

Consequently, the ordinary wood elements found inside the Phantom Rolls Royce were replaced by carbon fiber elements, and even the steering wheel was swapped with a thin, leathery, race-like piece. Moreover, the seats boast bright red leather upholstery and a checkered flag motif for a plus of aggressiveness, but the elegant LED studded Starlight headliner was not removed for some reason, even though it has nothing to do with the sporty feel of the car.

In any case, the exterior of this gorgeous Phantom is just as impressive as the interior, featuring a marvelous gunmetal paintjob as well as a series of matte black finishes for the hood and windscreen pillars. The wheels were also painted in gunmetal in order to match the rest of the car’s body, and even though this thing looks like it is about to eat a chunk of asphalt, it never actually received a power boost.

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