Spectacular Audi S5 by Senner Tuning

As if the Audi S5 wasn’t already an automotive masterpiece, the people at Senner Tuning decided they could make it even better by implementing some of their own modifications both visually and power-wise.

When it comes to power, the tuners decided to completely replace the stock engine with a bigger and more powerful 3-liter TFSI, which is able to dish out no less than 370 lb-feet of torque and 420 horsepower. This is a substantial improvement over the usual 333 horsepower found under the hood of the S5, but Senner went even further and completely removed the speed limiter, unlocking the full potential of this four-wheeled beast.

The exterior modifications were also quite dramatic, as they involved a lower profile as well as a stunning set of 20-inch Work VS-XX wheels that go perfectly with the new honeycomb mesh grill, new rear spoiler and “flash red” carbon fiber details. Overall, this thing looks more aggressive and elegant than any other regular Audi, which is an impressive achievement, no doubt.

However, the interior was pretty much left the same, apart from some gorgeous two-tone Napa Leather seats and some carbon fiber trims here and there. You can admire this gorgeous Audi in the following image gallery.