Space Travel Made Easy By The SpaceX Dragon V2 Shuttle

It’s not a big secret that going to outer space is a very costly, challenging and difficult endeavor at this point in time, and that’s basically because we’re quite limited by our technology. However, as the brilliant minds of our world are working around the clock on new and much more cost-efficient solutions to journey beyond the atmosphere of our planet, success has to be just around the corner. The SpaceX Dragon V2 shuttle is definitely a step in the right direction, as it would allow astronauts to travel and dock with the International Space Station without using ridiculous detachable propulsions systems or mega-rockets.

As a matter of fact, the SpaceX Dragon V2 is powered by a SuperDraco thruster, which ensures no less than 16,000 pounds of thrust as well as a few innovative and useful technologies that allow the engines to be turned off and restarted according to the pilot’s needs. This also ensures a considerable increase in control compared to conventional shuttles, which means that a landing can be done with extreme accuracy once the space-journey finally comes to an end.

As far as domestic applications are concerned, this shuttle might provide a very good source of inspiration for other similar products aimed at the consumer market in the future. It could very well revolutionize the way we travel across our planet and could dramatically decrease the time required for an international trip for example.










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