Spa Treatment for Your Car: $16,000

Your gorgeous custom-built car needs some cleaning? Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection in Dubai will take care of that if you are willing to pay $16,300 (£10,000). A true “spa treatment” is what your beloved vehicle will receive at this luxe car wash, where employees need to undergo a 6-month training before being allowed to touch your precious vehicle.

Using advanced technologies, the staff here will treat your car as the precious jewel that it is. The cleaning is made with specialized tools, which even include handheld microscopes. There is, of course, a secret ingredient too for the treatment. After the upholstery is cleaned for three times and treated with natural oils to keep it soft and shiny, the car is ready to head back home and into your opulent garage.

For the owners of less extravagant cars, Monza introduced a cheaper version of the car treatment, priced at “only” $10,000. This includes a paint work correction, ten glass polishes, twelve upholstery waterproofing, two headlight rejuvenations, four air-conditioning system sanitary treatments and an exterior hologram free polish.

There is only one question that keeps bothering us: what if right after your car rolls out of the luxe carwash a bird flies over it and…leaves a mark?

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