Solar Powered Sun Loungers to Recharge Your Devices’ Batteries

This is a remarkable project conceived by MIT students under the supervision of their professor Sheila Kennedy. It’s a very high-tech lounger that can bring together the pleasure of outdoor relaxation and electronic entertainment. You can rest on the comfy chair while recharging the batteries of your favorite device, be it a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

The lounger is fitted with solar panel and a 12-ampere battery that can store enough energy to recharge devices even after sunset. The chair’s design can be customized to meet the specific regional characteristics of each customer’s home. The angle of the sun and the latitude at which the user resides are important parameters to take into account when designing the loungers.

We find the idea really clever, and would definitely like to own several pieces of these solar-powered chairs. We will be on the watch to see if the project will ever make it to production.

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