Smartphone Spy Lens for Around-the-Corner Pictures

Instagram enthusiasts will definitely find this new cool gadget indispensable. It offers the perfect way to snap surprise-photos that often say more than a carefully calculated one. Take them from around the corner, when the subject is not even posing!

It may sound a bit 007, but the Smartphone Spy Lens is actually a simple tool to use, one that can take pictures of things happening at a 90-degree angle. A high-quality system of mirrors ensures no compromise in the picture quality and allows you to capture fun moments in a discreet way.

For instance, your camera-shy friends may feel uncomfortable when they need to pose for a shot, but with this tiny gadget you can capture their beauty in the most natural of circumstances. You may also want to catch a funny moment of your kid goofing around without disturbing their performance.

Simply attach the Spy Lens to the metal ring around your smartphone’s camera (a magnetic system will keep it on) and start discovering the many ways in which you can use it to immortalize beautiful moments and images.